Who we are

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Hi there!

We’re Nicole & Andreas and we started this community to spice up the Austrian UX scene and connect UXers worldwide. We're absolutely smitten with the whole UX scene, because it's like finding yourself in a crowd where everyone's open-minded, curious, understanding and appreciative.

Being a small team, we're hands-on and big on that personal touch. It helps us stay close to our community and make our events feel more personal. Whether it's a small group or a big crowd, we want everyone to feel like they’re among friends.

A picture of Nicole & Andreas being interviewed at uxcon '23.
"Totally in love with the UX scene, it's like being in a crowd where everyone's open-minded, curious, understanding and appreciative."

uxcon vienna is a forever-learning project. We love coming up with fresh events and innovative ways for you to learn and connect, all aimed at helping you grow and thrive. And we’d love you to be part of our story.

Nicole Swoboda

Co-founder & organizer of uxcon vienna.

Andreas Ablasser

Co-founder & organizer of uxcon vienna.

Strategic advisors

Our extra brainpower, idea gurus, and lifesavers for any situation.

Mirjam de Klepper

Senior UX researcher, speaker & moderator.

Mirjam is originally from the Netherlands, but Vienna has been her chosen home.

Over the years, her desire to keep things meaningful and create a positive impact has led her to focus on digital health products. There she built upon her background in anthropology and developed her UX research and operations skill set.

Beyond her role as moderator at uxcon, she's been with us since the beginning, and we're really proud of that.

Tina Ličková

Senior UX researcher, podcast host & moderator.

Tina, who is originally from Slovakia, currently resides and works in the lovely city of Vienna, just across the border.

She has a lot of experience as a service designer and research lead with Re-Ops and moderation skills and mostly works on projects in meteorology and finance, but at uxcon, she's taking on a different role as a strategic advisor and a fantastic moderator at uxcon.

Plus, she's an awesome podcast host too!

Tom Zahler

Digital product designer & managing partner at intuio.

Tom is a seasoned UX and digital product design expert with 20+ years of experience.

He's great at guiding clients through digital transformation challenges and motivating diverse teams and enjoys teaching. His expertise includes various UX and design thinking techniques like participatory design and rapid prototyping.

As our advisor, he's always there to lend an ear and dive into action for uxcon whenever needed.