Special career ticket for job seekers now available!

Get your discounted career ticket now

Improving skills, networking, and staying connected can be tough when you're job hunting and money's tight.

That's why we're offering discounted  tickets for uxcon '24, hopefully making it easier for you to join in.

With our career ticket, you get:

  • access to main stage
  • access to digital event platform
  • full catering: veggie & organic
  • warm-up | get together | cool-down
  • video recordings main stage
  • audio recordings side stage
  • speaker slides
  • goodies

It's like a main stage ticket (€590 + VAT).

The cost:

€190 + VAT (so €228 total).

If you've recently been affected by layoffs or are currently job hunting and want to take advantage of this offer, just shoot us a quick email:

  • Address: hello@uxcon.at
  • Subject "career ticket uxcon '24"
  • Please include your current job search status.

If we haven't run out of spots, we'll happily guide you through the next steps together.

We're looking forward to having you join us!

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