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Accessible typography for web & UI design

How can you best combine sublime typography with web accessibility? This fun and practical workshop gives you clear guidelines for a seemingly too fuzzy area. Learn how to set the text in your design projects beautifully accessible, making it reach and convince more people, while meeting legal requirements.

‍The workshop covers:

  • Which WCAG requirements (success criteria) matter for visual design.
  • How to assess if a typeface is accessible.
  • Which contrast requirements are crucial.
  • What are the best font sizes.
  • The ideal line length, line height and letter spacing.
  • Suggestions of handy tools, plugins and resources.
  • Short exercises, letting you apply what you just learned, right away.

For whom this workshop is:

This workshop is aimed towards visual designers, UI, app, or graphic designers. It will not be technical, so not about HTML elements or providing alt tags. It dives into typography and accessibility, not accessible web design in general. The goal of the workshop is taking the weight out of an often overwhelming and fuzzy topic, and breaking it down into practical, usable steps.

What you’ll need:

  • Your computer
  • A Figma account for doing the exercises.


Pimp My Type
UI Designer & YouTuber

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